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Power and its positive traits! It's how you seek it.

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Let’s talk about Power and what it means for us and how negatively we associate with this word.

We often connect Power with Authority but there is a subtle difference between them.

Power is the capacity to have an effect on someone. It refers to the potential to achieve your goals with the support from others. Supervisors have authority because of their position in the workplace. But, a staff member can also have power if they are well-liked by their colleagues. The staff member has no authority but colleagues are willing to follow them because of their relationship.

This upcoming week…

• Ask yourself- Have you achieved all that you can achieve at your current level? If not, keep being faithful by practicing excellence in your work or your business until you achieved mastery before moving on to the next challenge. Require more of yourself.

• Become an expert by increasing your knowledge. Knowledge is an investment in yourself that causes you to increase your potential to make things happen which maximizes your power. Power in raw form is called potential; it increases with your ability.

• Exercise your power- Powerless wait for things to happen; powerful people make things happen. Whatever measure of power you currently have, use it. When that measure is exhausted, more will become available.

With power comes responsibility, and that builds your character. What would you do with more power if you had it? Power for self-fulfillment is great, but power for the betterment of the society even greater.

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