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Amazing Health Benefits of Thandai

Thandai is a heavenly drink which is derived out of the virtues of nuts and spices. A drink which has all the essential elements to improve your digestion, immunity to boosting your memory system and improving your skin. So, is Thandai good for my skin? Yes. Is Thandai good for my stomach? Yes and there might be thousands of questions in your mind regarding Thandai and its benefits- My answer will be the same "YES". Its the best drink ever. Let's dive deep into what makes this drink so healthy?

  • It’s cooling!

Thandai in Hindi literally means something that is cold or something that cools and is an intrinsically cooling drink that rehydrates instantly.

That is perhaps why it is an apt Holi symbol; the festival falls during the winter to summer transition juncture.

It cools from inside and serves as an instant energiser in the scorching summer heat, which is raring to wreak havoc soon.

  • The base is milk, the benefits of which (calcium, protein etc) are well-known. You can also opt for lactaid or almond milk and it tastes amazing.

  • Advantages of peppercorn are enormous, such as:

  1. Pepper is antibacterial in nature, and so helps cure cold and cough.

  2. Piperine also stimulates the stomach to secrete more hydrochloric acid and helps digest proteins better. By the way, it also stimulates the brain, and has a role to play in keeping depression away.

  3. Pepper also delivers vitamins A and C, flavonoids, carotenes and other anti-oxidants that help remove harmful free radicals from the body.

  • Then there are fennel seeds in it — a good source of minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, zinc, manganese, vitamin C, iron, selenium and magnesium. Plus, they protect against indigestion, flatulence and constipation. I feel this spice deserves a post of its own (soon!).

  • Cardamom or elaichi (which some recipes call for) help combat nausea, acidity, bloating, gas, heartburn, loss of appetite and constipation.

  • Finally, saffron known as the golden spice helps prevent indigestion, flatulence, baldness as well as treat blood pressure. It is also a vision corrector, and loaded with antioxidants that help bust free radicals known to be the major cause for multiple Gen-X lifestyle diseases.

Thandai is an elixir for multiple ailments. The spices and dry fruits in it make it a great immune booster, and give it special digestive properties, improving bowel movement and helping the body detox naturally. But, be careful as it contains sugar too so you want to limit to one drink a day!


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