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6 Best Feng Shui Plants That Every House Should Own

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

I truly believe that Feng Shui has the power to improve the positive energy around you, the space you work at and at your home. Besides, enhancing the look of your interiors, houseplants can be ameliorating.

According to Feng Shui, the wood element of a plant brings growth and prosperity into your lives whereas the color green is connected to healing.

Before, I delve more into what plants you should consider buying, let me tell you more about Feng Shui:

Feng Shui literally translates into Wind and Water. It’s a traditional practice originated in ancient China with the main objective of using energy forces to harmonize individuals within their surrounding environments. The key aspect of Feng Shui is to reach balance between Yin and Yang, which represent two natural and complementary, yet contradictory forces. Yin is the receptive force, while Yang is the active one.

I recommend you visit the Know Feng Shui website for more comprehensive in formation on Feng Shui.

The Best Feng Shui Plants

We all know that most plants are great as long as we take good care of them. Plants with rounded edges are good for positivity whereas the plants with spiky and poking ends such as cactus are not considered positive for your space such as a cactus plants with pokey needles should not be in the home.

Some of the best plants for feng shui include:

1. Snake Plant is a great plant for beginners. Although it might appear sharp, it also has a quality of protective energy.

2. Money Plant/Jade The succulent features of this plant has many rounded leaves. This gives the plant a soft, lush appearance.

3. Lucky Bamboo represents growth and adaptability. The number of stalks has a symbolic meaning. For instance, two stalks are supposed to nourish areas of your life associated with love, and three stalks nourish your happiness. I will post more on lucky bamboo and what each number of stalks represent.

4. Golden Pothos is easy to care and grow. It is an excellent plant for purifying air and clearing out negative energies.

5. Aloe Vera fights bad luck and is also known to reduce toxic chemicals. Its pulp is good for your skin too. This plant has so many beneficial properties and I think every house should have one Aloe Vera plant.

6. Jasmine is known to improve romance in your lives. This flower helps strengthen your relationships and its fragrance helps alleviate your stress. Experts recommend keeping jasmine near a south-facing window.

Thing to keep in mind:

A dying or neglected plant can cultivate draining energy and thereby its important to figure out that you have enough time to take care of these plants. Remove any dying leaves or stalks as soon as you see them.

Counteract negative energy

Placing a plant within three feet of your computer to filter electromagnetic energy is a terrific way to start with combatting negative energy.

Now that you know what plants to buy to increase the positivity into your lives, career and home- what are you doing scrolling? Get out and buy some plants and stay happy, healthy and wise!

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